RECORDINGS: Early Childhood Bundle

NMT Case-Based Trainings are clinical case discussions led by Dr. Bruce Perry. The focus of each session is case presentation and discussion in which NMT principles and the web-based NMT Clinical Practice Tools are used.

This package contains 7 recordings of live sessions: an introductory recording and 6 case sessions; each recording is approximately 90 minutes in length and can be stopped and started at your convenience. Recording links do not expire. Materials including a case abstract and NMT Metric report are included for each of the 6 cases.

Recordings in the Early Childhood Bundle:

Introduction to the NMT

Case 1: Kiki age 1

Case 2: Evan age 3

Case 3: AJ age 4

Case 4: Keaton age 5

Case 5: Ryan age 4

Case 6: Timothy age 2

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Agreement for Participation:

I/Our group understands that case content discussed and distributed is confidential and is only provided as part of the NMT training experience. I/We also understand that content provided about the NMT Clinical Practice Tools, Report and Functional Brain Map are subject to Copyright and may not be copied, adapted, redistributed or distributed beyond the immediate clinical team or used in any way without specific, written permission by The ChildTrauma Academy. I/We understand that the live sessions will be recorded and distributed by CTA for educational purposes. I/Our subscription purchase acknowledges this understanding and indicates that all participants in our group accept the conditions as described herein.