RECORDINGS: 2015 Fall NMT Series

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Session 1 - Sept. 4: Introduction and Updates in NMT Implementation

Session 2 - Sept. 11: Anniversary Phenomena: The Neuroscience of Evocative Cues

Session 3 - Sept. 25: Epigenetics: One of many mechanisms to store and pass transgenerational information

Session 4 - Oct. 2: What is Trauma-Informed to You? The Power and Pitfalls of Popularity

Session 5 - Oct. 9: Relational Neurobiology and Resilience

Session 6 - Nov. 6: The Concept and Practice of “Dosing”: Understanding the What, When, Where, and Why of Therapeutic Doses

Session 7 - Nov. 13: Use of Principles of Traumatology in Educational Settings: The Compton School District Class Action Law Suit

Session 8 - Nov. 20: Psychotropic Medication Use in Maltreated Children: What We Know and What We Don’t

Session 9: Dec. 18: The Use of Rhythm in Therapeutics: From EMDR to “Walk & Talks”

Session 10 - Jan. 8: Review and Feedback

Potential Make-Up Date: - Jan. 15, 2016 (only if needed by CTA)

The 2015 Fall Series ALSO INCLUDES TWO Introduction to NMT Recorded Sessions (for clinicians wanting more NMT context or introduction)

- Recording 1 - Intro to NMT: Case-Based Training: Australian Series 2011

- Recording 2 - Intro to NMT: Case-Based Training: NMT Series Winter 2012

NOTE: No pre-requisite courses are needed to attend. Participants new to NMT should first view the two extra (recorded) sessions for background/foundation.

Attend via Recording (Recordings provide the ability to pause, replay and revisit sessions as often as you wish up to one year from enrollment date).

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